Risk Management Courses Online

What does it mean to manage risk?

The more people that know how to manage risks, the safer your environment.
Municipalities and their related organizations are held to a very high standard so it is important for them to manage their risk. AMSC's Risk Control Program has been designed to meet key objectives:
  1. To help our clients reduce the frequency and cost of claims arising from key exposure areas (i.e., Property, Liability and Automobile).
  2. To provide our clients with the foundation (knowledge and tools) they need to better manage all key exposure areas.
Work safe, Play safe and Visit safe

Is it easy to learn?

Yes, now it is!

How do I begin?

Register for one of AMSC's online risk modules. Our online courses let you:
  • Study at your leisure
  • Avoid travel costs
  • Enjoy the same content as the facilitated courses

Now Available:

RM 1 - Essentials of Municipal Risk Management
(This course is a prerequisite for all other Risk Modules)
RM 2 - Liability Loss Control - Public Works
RM 3 - Fleet and Equipment Loss Prevention
RM 4 - Liability Loss Control - Parks and Recreation
RM 5 - Liability Loss Control - Contractual Issues
RM 6 - Liability Loss Control - Municipal Errors and Omissions
RM 7 - Environmental Risk Management Guidelines
RM 8 - Insurance 101: Basics for Beginners
RM 9 - Enterprise Risk Management
RM 10 - Emergency Planning & Business Continuity Planning
RM 11 - Long-term Care Facilities Risk Management
Workplace Violence Prevention for Municipalities
Transportation of Dangerous Goods for Municipalities

Now it's up to you.